Selman Contemporary provides art and advisory services focused on collecting, private curation, and arts philanthropy, collaborating with individuals and organizations to build compelling collections that are energetic and engaging, purposeful and innovative. 

With over fifteen years of experience in the contemporary art world, countless contacts and close relationships with artists, galleries, auction houses, museums, and the art service industry, Selman Contemporary provides its clients with unparalleled expertise in collecting.  Selman Contemporary works closely with collectors across the spectrum of contemporary art, providing a range of services that encompass the many aspects of building a collection, such as education and exploration, art market research, art acquisition, collection management, framing, and installation.

Selman Contemporary encourages the support of worthwhile organizations, projects and endeavors that put the arts to work for philanthropy.   By identifying and facilitating opportunities for thoughtful patronage and engagement with museums, galleries and artists, Selman Contemporary helps its clients to become involved in creating purposeful connections between art and community.